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John Watt

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Postby John Watt » Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:20 pm

I'm sorry to intrude on the Paul Naumann Guestbook, but the band was so friendly when I met them all those years ago, I know he won't mind. Having a Marshall stack back then made a lot of us lead guitarists friends. I always use my real name, John Watt, as a username. This domain is telling my I'm trying to log in with the wrong username. I know I haven't forgotten my name. I also can't configure the interior email system here to ask the admin.
My new guitar will be finished soon and I'll be resuming my band career. Being friends with A Foot In Coldwater, even if they're not called Nucleus any more, is something I'd like to keep happening. I hope you make it back to Niagara Falls, lots of nice gigs there. When my inventive guitar and video is done in weeks, I'll be posting here with my domain address.
May All Peace Be Upon You,
and thanks for any efforts you may make on my behalf.
as always, John Watt

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