Guitar effects - Make Me Do anything You Want

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Guitar effects - Make Me Do anything You Want

Postby sixties » Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:35 pm

Would anyone know which guitar effects and the settings were used by Paul Naumann for the lead solo on theis song? Flanger? Chorus? Thanks a bunch.
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Re: Guitar effects - Make Me Do anything You Want

Postby emperor » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:34 pm

Hello sixties,
I'm afraid web forums aren't as active as they once were.
Here's a quote of a quote from the founder of the AFIC Facebook group -- Feel free to join up there for further discussion:

Paul Leask wrote:From Ron Bain's old Foot site :

question 6 - Submitted by Anthony Keating for Paul Naumann. I've always been much enamoured with the sweeping, multi-dimensional sound you achieved on guitar with AFIC - particularly in your lead solos in ballads like "Make Me Do Anything You Want" and "Isn't Love Unkind". Over the years I've often tried to mimic that distinctive sound with only marginal success. I realize that equipment and electronic effects are only part of the equation: talent, aesthetic sensitivity and the unique personality of the artist are the true source of any particular sound or style, however, I'm curious to know precisely the electronic formula for achieving your "sound" including specific settings on your guitar, special effects boxes, speaker systems etc?

Dear Mr.Keating....... Thanx for the query, it's an often asked one but I am happy to answer. Here goes....... The sounds I used on stage were rather different than my studio approach. In the studio, I used a 122 Leslie speaker cabinet + a four/ twelve Marshall 100 watt, overdriven with an amp similar to a Fender Twin (65 Watts) as the internal leslie amp can't be hit too hard. The top spinning horn was a double horn, microphones at two sides, not opposite. On stage I preferred, and still do, the Boss Chorus pedal (stereo out- and AC powered.) No, and I mean no, 9-volt appliances. Most suck and still do. Noise! I hope this answers you, and through Mr. Bain, I would be glad to answer any and all questions. Sincerely..........Paul Naumann
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