Bad News

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Bad News

Postby 1Tap » Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:27 pm


I was saddened to here of the passsing of Paul Naumann. I've followed and been a fan since the early days. I wasn't aware of this web site until today.

Please excuse me if this is neither the time or place to be asking questions, but I would be very interested to know if Alex Machin has a younger brother by the name of Stuart, and lived/practiced in a small house in the west end of T.O. in the late 1960's.

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Re: Bad News

Postby barrysingh102 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:11 am

They deserved better than they got. Though Elektra tried to do right by them in the US, at first. They asked stores to put up displays and promote the album in-store. Of course, the industry attitude was against them and anyone like them. When we put up our Foot In Coldwater display in a store in San Diego, the head office asked us why we were wasting our time on an album that wouldn't sell. And they're probably still wondering why music has gone indie...

Naumann was actively involved in various groups on the Internet before passing. Bob Segarini and a handful of old friends welcomed him with open arms and the stories flew. I only knew the music, but they knew him personally. I'm old enough to know that when a comrade falls, it affects everyone. RIP. Shareit vidmate
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Re: Bad News

Postby smithclarkson02 » Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:46 pm

Photo of him a few moments before . [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][/COLOR]
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Postby sarthakjain1411 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:00 am

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Postby sarthakjain1411 » Fri Aug 21, 2020 5:47 am

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Re: Bad News

Postby DouglasMRafferty » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:49 pm

Thanks for taking your time to write this.
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Re: Bad News

Postby mikestanley464 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:46 am

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Postby MSI » Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:26 am

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Re: Bad News

Postby xpacefour » Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:26 pm

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, his family eventually found their way to Toronto, Canada where the young Naumann found he had a unique talent for playing lead guitar. Shortly, he became a member of “A Foot in Cold Water”, a soon to be famous band in Canada. He co-wrote two unforgettable hits (“Make Me Do Anything You Want” and “Oh What a Feeling”) in the seventies. During his musical career, he had the opportunity to play with musical legends such as Linda Ronstadt, Steppenwolf, and John Lennon, to name a few.
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Postby Michelegreax » Wed Oct 28, 2020 6:53 am

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