Lords of London - Nucleus - Billboard

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Lords of London - Nucleus - Billboard

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23 September 1967

Decca Records in the U.S. is rush-releasing “Cornflakes and Ice Cream” debut disk by Toronto’s Lords of London on Apex here. It’s the first Canadian single to make the No. 1 spot on the influential CHUM Chart in Toronto in the past couple of years, now picking up action from coast to coast.

25 November 1967

The Lords of London with “Cornflakes and Ice Cream” on Decca going for them in the U.S. and “The Popcorn Man” on Apex breaking in Canada, chalked up a “first” for a Canadian group in their appearance at The Hawks Nest, teen age night club in Toronto Nov 10. Appearing in their own wild stage attire augmented by tuxedo – clad Toronto symphony musicians on violins, viola, cello trumpet and trombone, with press, radio and TV on hand with a capacity crowd. Another “first” for a Canadian group, The Lords of London production of a 10 minute promotional film, in color. In which the group performs there numbers from its two singles. The film will be available so TV stations in the U.S. through Decca and in Canada through Atlas Promotion.

24 February 1968

Toronto- MGM Records in the U.S. has signed one of Toronto’s hottest Pop music groups, The Lords of London and is releasing their “Candy Rainbow” and “Within Your Mind” right away. Both sides were written by the group’s leader , Greg Fitzpaterick, and produced by New York producer Manny Albam. The single has been pre-released in Canada on Compo’s Apex Label, on which they made their Canadian debut with “Cornflakes and Ice Cream”.

23 March 1968

Festival Records in Australia is issuing an EP by The Lords of London, Toronto group recently signed by MGM in the U.S. It will contain their first four sides for Apex here.

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5 October 1968

A new set of Canadian talent Coca-Cola commercials are in the works, scheduled for airing in early November. The Lords of London and Magic Cycle commercials are set.

9 November 1968

Top Toronto group Nucleus, formerly known as the Lords of London fared well in debut at the Rock Pile Club recently. The group had singles released state side by Decca and MGM, and are now looking for a new U.S. affiliation. Nucleus manager Brian Pombiere has also signed folk singer Cathy Young. Under old name Lords of London, Nucleus have an Australian EP of four Canadian single hits, released through Festival.

24 May 1969

Billboard nucleus 24 may 1969.jpg
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24 May 1969

Billboard nucleus rock pile 24 may 1969 2.jpg
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16 August 1969

A Vietnam Peace Festival was held August 9 at Toronto’s City Hall Squire with Cathy Young, The Nucleus, The Five Shy, The Buckstone Hardware, The Bread and the Wine, participating along with disk jockeys from CHUM-FM and CKFH.

16 August 1969

The Moody Blues who were scheduled to appear with The Nucleus August 9 at O’Keefe Centre, cancelled out because of a conflicting recording session in the U.K. . The cancelation affected 35 other North American cities. Promoters are trying to reschedule a concert in November.

16 August 1969

“Freak Out” in Toronto

Toronto – Between 30,000 and 50, 000 people are expected at the “Freak Out” at Rock Hill over the Labour Day weekend, Aug 29 – Sept 1.
The pop music marathon will be held 16 miles north of Orangeville and gets underway on noon Friday and end 72 hours later, on noon Monday.
Canadian talent booked includes Lighthouse, Motherload, Tote Family, The Mid Knights, Buckstone Hardware, The Brass Union, Mythical Meadow, The Guess Who, Nucleus, Brutus, Father, Explosion, Five Shy, Carnival, Rhinoceros, Bedtime Story, Five Man Electrical Band, Two Minute Hate, Life and Creation, Stone Soul Children and Major Hooples Boarding House Band.

london nucleus 2.jpg
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19 December 1970

Luke Gibson former leader of Kensington Market and Luke and the Apostles has signed a contract with CAPAC – other young Canadian rock writers with CAPAC include Nucleus, Leigh Ashford, Madrigal, Wizard and Perth County Conspiracy.

19 December 1970

Canada Releases
Toronto – The new Canadian releases this week include LP “Heritage” – Christmas – Daffodil SBA 16002 (no U.S. release), “Girl In Green” – Good Grief – Freedom 1993 (no U.S. deal), “Fronts” – Christopher Robin – Music World Creations MWC 1002 (no U.S. deal), “Houston” – Sally Bumper – Tuesday GH 103 (U.S. release through Sun), “Wonder Girl” – Nucleus – Freedom 1987x (no U.S. deal) LP “Make Someone Happy “ – Tom and Judy GRT 923 – 1000 (no U.S. deal)

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16 January 1971

Fitzpatrick In A Solo Act

Toronto – Greg Fitzpatrick, former leader of Nucleus and The Lords of London, has put together a solo act and is represented by his debut solo single on Freedom “(We’re All Singing) The Same Song.
The song was penned by the artist who will be known as Fitzpatrick. Manager Brian Pombiere said that Fitzpatrick has been working on his solo act for eight months . The single was produced by Fitzpatrick and Shel Safran.

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