A Foot In Coldwater - Billboard

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A Foot In Coldwater - Billboard

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16 September 1972

Foot In Coldwater single of “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” is now top five in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa, and has just been charted at the CIMS Quebec French Network… Daffodil’s Francis Davies says that Canadian Distributor Capitol are shipping copies directly into Detroit following strong demand. U.S. distribution for the group has not yet been announced.

30 September 1972
foot bilboard 30 sept 1972 -2.jpg
foot bilboard 30 sept 1972 -2.jpg (116.83 KiB) Viewed 2168 times

30 September 1972

billboard  30 sept 1972 -2a.jpg
billboard 30 sept 1972 -2a.jpg (254.74 KiB) Viewed 2166 times

30 September 1972

Activities as Fall Season Arrives

With most of the established in-person acts long since signed by labels, Canadian Record Companies are now involved in the most extensive in depth talent hunt in Maple Music History.

This fall some 30 new CanCon albums by recently signed artists will reach the street and the entire industry is watching the results with keen interest. Out of this release will come the majority of Maple Music stars for the coming year.

Columbia leads the field in terms of Quantity. Some 15 new CanCon albums are to be released between now and the end of November, the result of a high level of summer recording effort.

The label will debut two acts later this month. They are Space Opera, a group from Texas signed directly to the Canadian Company and produced at Manta Sound by Lee De Carlo, and Atkinson, Danko and Ford, until recently a Ronnie Hawkins back up band. Both albums will be released almost immediately in the U.S. by Columbia.

Through a Canadian distribution deal with Jack Herschorn’s Can-base Label, Columbia acquires actor – singer – narrator Chief Dan George, and his group “Fire – Weed”. There will also be an album by the Cascades, the Californian group who clicked a decade ago with “Rhytham of the Rain”. Their latest Con – base single “Sweet America” has been stirring up a lot of noise on both sides of the border.

Other new rock product from Columbia includes LP’s by Montreal’s , Riverson (formed from members of the original Mashmakhan), the new Mashmakhan, singer Marc Gelinas, and the Oak Island Treasury Department.

MOR – oriented sets will come from Quebec instrumentalist Andre Gagnon, singer Patsy Gallant, male vocalist Roger Rodier ( a French Canadian who sings in English) Maritimes folk singer John Allen Cameron, Edith Butler.

There is also a second Murray McLauchian album and the possibility of a fourth by Bruce Cockburn through True North.

True North itself will not unwrap any new artists this fall. Bernie Finkeistein is content with his present stable and is not interested in signing any new acts. There maybe a second Lake Gibson album this year.

Capitol Canada also has a strong lineup of new artists to add to its already considerable CanCon roster. Lighthouse lead singer, Bob McBride, will be introduced on a solo voyage when Capitol releases his first Dennis Murphy produced LP in mid – October, a couple weeks after the fourth GRT Lighthouse album hits the stores.

Through a new deal with H.P. and Bell Productions, Capitol will also release a Toronto – recorded album by Australian Group , The Flying Circus.
Another indie production deal brings Bear Productions to Capitol and there will be a first album released this month.

Edward Bear, Chris Kearney and Fergus are also working on new albums for release in November.

Capitol’s top Canadian Independent Label is Daffodil . President Francis Davies advises that a new Crowbar album will be released in a few weeks. The Second Foot In Coldwater Lp is now being completed at Manta Sound and should be available early in the new year. The group is extremely HOT following the National success of their debut single and album, “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want.

Daffodil is also working on an album with Fludd, recently acquired from WEA. Blues artist, the King Biscuit Boy, is now selecting material for his third album.

Daffodils new face this fall will be Joe Probst. Described by Davies as “A folk singer with a real difference, his debut album “The Lion and the Lady” will be released in a couple weeks.

A&M has also signed actor Keith Hampshire (his Bill Misener produced single is titled “Day Time Night Time”) Singers Ross Holloway and Greg Adams, and an album is expected from the Sounds 80 Orchestra, produced in Winnipeg by Bob Burns. Female vocalist , Lisa Garbor formerly with Tundra will soon start a solo album.

Lacoursiere says all product will be supported by heavy promotion campaigns. The Hud Album will also receive TV advertising with a specially produced 30 second spot.

September productions will unveil product by Gary and Dave, RAM (a new R&B group), Rain and Chelsea Wind, Greg Hambleton is also working on a second Thundermug LP.

Much Productions has three new acts in the wings – Montreal hard rock group Mantis, singer Lori Zimmerman, and former Wizard member , Harry Marks. The latter two artists will be on the newly formed Sweet Plum label.

RCA Canada has two new rock acts – Charles & Charles Linton – to premiere in the coming weeks. The label has also cut an album with former Inkspots lead singer , Bill Kenney, who now lives in Vancouver. A new LP by MOR / country group, The Mercey Brothers is also scheduled.

John Pozer A&R director for the WEA Music of Canada LTD, has an album by French Canadian Stars The Sequim Twins, and a single by Buxton Kastle. Two other groups are in closing stages of negotiation with the company.

Boot Records has product by Abraham, Glen Reid and Sullivan in the contemporary field, plus a potential new country star in Sharon Lowness.
Sundog Production’s Dennis Murphy is completing product with truck & Jason.

GRT of Canada has just released an album by Vancouver’s Hans Staymar Band and has signed country artist Mike Graham.

Apex Music of Canada is readying its first album with the popular Ontario band Young.

23 December 1972

Daffodil’s A Foot In Coldwater are in Manta Sound Studio’s this weekend completing their second album. Their new single (Isn’t Love Unkind) In My Life is now play-listed at 55 Canadian Stations.

27 January 1973
Love Productions – Most Successful Year

Toronto – Love Productions Limited, the Canadian Independent Production Company has announced the conclusion of its most successful year ever.
Total retail sales on all product released by the Daffodil and Strawberry Labels which Love distributes through Capitol, was in excess of one million dollars in 1972.
In addition Love received three Gold Albums on Canadian sales, two of them in the last month of the year . The album s were Waldo De Los Rios “Sinfonias” and “Mozart Manis” and “Larger the Life” by Crowbar.

1972 also marked the signing of three significant new acts to the Daffodil Label – Fludd, Joe Probst and A Foot In Coldwater.

31 March 1973

Much excitement at Manta Sound about the Second Foot In Coldwater album, due out in a couple of weeks.

7 April 1973

Island In Deal With Coldwater
Toronto – Island Records in Britain have acquired European distribution rights to Daffodil’s A Foot In Coldwater, currently on the Canadian charts with “(Isn’t Love Unkind) In My Life”.
Foot In Coldwater is the Second band ever to be signed by Island for European representation, the first being Mountain.. “In My Life” is being rushed out on Island this week (30) and a major promotion push is being put behind it’s launching by both Island and Daffodil.
“In My Life” was completely re-mixed for the U.K. market and copies of this new mix are being serviced to Canadian Radio stations this week.

8 August 1973

It’s marriage season in the Maple Music Industry – latest nuptials reported include Foot In Coldwater keyboards player Bob Horne to Karen Waszek ; Manta Sound engineer Lee De Carlo to Aunick Bonargent . (spelling ?)

18 August 1973

Capitol Canada Unveils Summer Festival Promo
Toronto – Capitol Records this week unveiled “Summer Festival”. The campaign involves new singles releases by a flock of acts including Edward Bear, Anne Murray, A Foot In Coldwater, Skipper, Tommy Graham, Bob McBride, Bill King, The Flying Circus, New Potatoes, Privilege and Pepper Tree.
National Advertising Manager , Roly Legault revealed that Capitol is making up a special sampler album featuring all of the latest singles, the album will be distributed to stations from coast to coast, Legault said.
Citing broadcast industry predictions of a dry summer spell as a motivation for the special campaign. White said; “ At Capitol we feel there is room for these artists if we are to maintain our commitment to supplying stations with CanCon Records. Every record we are releasing is varied enough so that each artist can expect maximum promotion support from the label.”
White said that Capitol had already shipped “Walking on Back” by Edward Bear, Anne Murray’s “Send A Little Love My Way” (Which despite earlier reports does constitute CanCon) “My Happy Song” by Tommy Graham and the Foot In Coldwater / Daffodil double header “Love Is Coming” and “ How Much Can You Take” .
White also revealed that Capitol was enjoying much success with it’s French Canadian product with Suzanne Stevens, Lisa Thowin, Naro and Martin Peltier

25 August 1973

A Foot In Coldwater reported to have signed a world distribution agreement with Electra in the U.S.

27 October 1973

Colonial Tavern manager Michael Lyons commented after a recent appearance “A Foot In Coldwater” is the only Canadian band that can fill the room with electricity and with people , time after time.. There is no other Canadian band with their quality of musicianship. The Colonial has become in the past couple of years the most important club venue in Toronto for Canadian rock and Jazz acts.

24 November 1973

A Foot In Coldwater is playing at Toronto`s Victory Burlesque Theater on November 18, (1973) with Cactus. The promoters are advertising the one nighter on TV`s `Midnight Special`.

9 March 1974

Giving the lie to the old canard that rock music causes ear damage. Daffodil Recording artists A Foot In Coldwater recently promoted themselves in a concert benefit for the Canadian Hearing Society. Their show, presented in Weston, Ontario, produced a substantial volume. The audience kind etched their new songs into memory of the audience, the visible kind was entirely donated to the society to be used in the purchase of TTY Units, Machines which transcribe Telephone conversations into print.
In a recent spurt of creative energy, the band has composed a dozen new songs and is currently taking time out to arrange and rehearse for their upcoming third album. Noted English producer , John Anthony (Queen, Genesis) will be in Toronto during March to meet with the group and make final preparations for recording the album, which is destined to be A Foot In Coldwater`s first release in the States.

6 June 1974
A concert which was planned for Toronto’s Massey Hall with Mahogany Rush headlining a bill that included A Foot In Coldwater and Laurence Hud on June 17 was cancelled because of lack of ticket sales . It should be noted though that tickets only went on sale four or five days before the show according to (Mahogany Rush) manager Paul Levesque

8 June 1974

Love Suffers No Loss In Capitol – EMI Pact Waiver
Toronto- With the announcement that Capitol Records EMI Canada LTD. Has decided not to pick up the option on Love Productions and its subsidiary Labels Daffodil Records and Strawberry Records, there had been some conjecture that Love was in trouble.

Frank Davies, president of Love Productions indicates that this certainly is not the case. “At Capitol we had a deal that made provision for an increase in the advance money each time they picked up the option. This time they felt it was a little too much so they passed. It was all for the best really because we were not completely satisfied with some of the promotion that our product received.

In recent developments within the company, Electra has signed A Foot In Coldwater for the U.S. and producer John Anthony has begun work on their new album at Toronto’s Eastern Sound. The album will be recorded in quadraphonic and will be mixed at Trident Studios in London.

Spirit of Christmas – formerly known as Christmas has just finished one of the most “expensive and ambitious projects ever undertaken by the Love Production Team” in the form of a concept album entitled “Lies To Live By” on Love’s Strawberry Records. It has been one and a half years in the making.

Cochrane who have just finished recording their album “Hang On To Your Resistance” at Toronto Sound Studio’s has had the title track released as a single.

Also in the line of singles coming from Daffodil is “(Do You Know) The Shape I’m In?” by John R. who was formerly with Crowbar and an upcoming single by the Music Machine Television show regular Wayne St. John called “Snow”.

Love has the rights to the immediate (U.K.) series of album production from England. The latest of these records to be distributed by Love are “The Gold Hits of Immediate”. P.P. Arnolds “Kafunta”, Duncan Brown’s “Give Me Take You” and The Nice “The Thoughts Of Emerlist Dayjack “
“All the Living Things” the new single from Crowbar’s latest album “KE 32746” on Epicand written by Josef Chirowski is published by Love’s Freewheeled Music, CAPAC – All the songs written by King Biscuit Boy on his latest album for Columbia are published by Love-Lies Bleeding Music, BMI.

Recently, Love announced the signing of Canadian act Dillinger to a long term recording and publishing agreement. Their first single “Nature’s Way” originally written and recorded by Spirit has been released with their debut album due shortly.

3 August 1974

Alex Machin, the lead singer of A Foot In Coldwater has returned from England with completed masters for their new album on Daffodil in Canada and Electra in the U.S. The band is looking for a new manager after the departure of Jim Garrett.

14 September 1974

K-Tel Releases Canadian Pkg, - $ Share to CIRPA

Winnipeg – K-Tel , one of the largest packagers of “oldies” has released a set of all Canadian material entitled the “Canadian Mint” with a portion of the profits from the record going to the Canadian Independent Record Producers Assn. According to Bernie Wilock of K-Tel’s Winnipeg office , the record features such artists as Terry Jacks, Lighthouse, Susan Jacks, The Stampeders, Dave Nichols , A Foot In Coldwater, Bachman – Turner Overdrive, Wednesday , Motherload, Lois Fletcher, Shaw Jackson, Andy Kim, Five Man Electrical Band, Crowbar, Fludd, Dr. Music, Johnny T Angel, The Poppy Family and the DeFranco Family.
Explain Wilock: “The idea was basically that of Mel Shaw, the president of CIRPA and manager of the Stampeders. He suggested that we work with Quality Records in putting this type of set together and also negotiate the discussion on a certain percentage of the monies from the sale of the LP ‘s being given to CIRPA . After a couple meetings we decided that 1 cent an LP would be donated to the association.
Continues Wilock, “We are trying to help Canadian groups and will probably put out a similar LP each year. The TV exposure when the record is promoted will do the artist some good as well. Usually Canadian Records are lost shuffle when they get put on other sets. Many people said the concept wouldn’t work but preliminary indications are that it will do very well.
Another great misconception is that without the Canadian content rulings , Canadian artists would not sell. We don’t feel that that is the case and possibly the success of the album will prove us right.

14 December 1974

14  Dec 1974 bb - 1.jpg
14 Dec 1974 bb - 1.jpg (174.16 KiB) Viewed 2166 times

19 November 1977
ont place 19 nov 1977  foot .jpg
ont place 19 nov 1977 foot .jpg (252.76 KiB) Viewed 2150 times

27 January 1979

BB 27 Jan 1979 2 jpg.jpg
BB 27 Jan 1979 2 jpg.jpg (219.7 KiB) Viewed 2094 times

20 October 1984

Solid Gold In Trouble
Debt – Plagued Label Seeks CBS Deal
By Kirk LaPointe

Toronto – The future of Solid Gold Records remained in doubt last week as negotiations for the out-right purchase by CBS Records Canada of the debt-plagued independent label continued.
Solid Gold’s head offices were closed and telephones disconnected as executives huddled to try to close a deal which would see Solid Gold creditors appeased and the label roster moved to CBS. Neither side would publicly comment, but a statement on the progress of negotiations was expected late in the week.
Solid Gold has had an unparalleled history of strong-selling artists in Canada. The labels roster now includes the Headpins, Bill Henderson & Chilliwack, Holly Woods& Toronto, The Good Brothers, The Pukka Orchestra and new signing, Alex Machin & Champion.
CBS took over distribution of Solid Gold from A&M in Canada over the last year and bolstered the label with a healthy cash advance, but MCA’s decision in the U.S. not to release recent Chilliwack and Toronto product, coupled with declining sales in Canada, was pivotal to the company’s problems.

17 November 1984

CBS Pulls out of Talks For Solid Gold Acquisition
By Kirk LaPointe

Toronto – CBS Records Canada has withdrawn from negotiations to acquire it’s debt – plagued distribution Label, Solid Gold Records, leaving the Canadian owned independent company’s future gloomier than ever.
CBS has alerted Solid Gold creditors that it was unsuccessful in persuading label owners Neil Dixon and Steve Propas of the validity of it’s buy out plan. A source close to the negotiation accused Solid Gold of “Unreasonable demands”.
Neither Dixon nor Propas could be reached for comment, but two record executives said privately that they had been approached in an attempt by the label to assign some artist contracts.
Creditors have been put on hold for weeks as CBS tried to arrive at a deal that would have paid most or all of the labels debts over a period of time and kept Dixon and Propas involved in the company.
No one has filed a bankruptcy petition on Solid Gold, nor has the label filed such a claim. The state of the label and its roster, including the question of who has the right to it’s catalog would be the subject of debate should bankruptcy proceedings start.
Solid Gold’s roster now includes Headpins Holly Woods, Toronto, Chilliwack, Pukka Orchestra and Alex Machin & Champion. The Label has been highly successful in garnering Gold & Platinum for its releases virtually since it’s inception five years ago.
CBS took over distribution within the last year, but the cash advance it gave Solid Gold was apparently insufficient to defray production and other costs for it’s roster. Although foreign distribution pacts were made with MCA in the U.S. and others abroad, an MCA decision not to release Chilliwack and Holly Woods & Toronto product in the last year made life difficult for the label.
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