Top 20 Greatest Canadian Love Songs

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Top 20 Greatest Canadian Love Songs

Postby Leask » Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:46 am

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8) (Make Me Do) Anything You Want – A FOOT IN COLDWATERWhat if you found out that the song that launched a thousand first-dances at Canadian brides and grooms wasn’t a love song at all? A Foot In Coldwater member Danny Taylor was looking for lyrics that matched the brilliant guitar lines from the late Paul Naumann. Previously, Taylor had a No.1 hit with the

Lords of London and middling fame with their succesors, Nucleus. A Foot In Coldwater was the all-or-nothing shot at the big time as they were signed in 1971 to the energetic new Daffodil Records run by Frank Davies. Frustrated with his earlier missed opportunities, Taylor copped a plea with his higher power to make the band successful. The song peaked at No.21 in July, 1972 and AFICW enjoyed an extended career through most of the 1970s. Now go back and listen to the song with the knowledge that Taylor is singing about spiritual servitude rather than romantic pulchritude and “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” becomes a whole different kind of love song. ...
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