Back then,to me,NO one could come close to that NUCLEUS LP.

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Lu Nicola

Back then,to me,NO one could come close to that NUCLEUS LP.

Postby Lu Nicola » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:20 am

I was 16 and heard the"NUCLEUS" album.. in actuallity , an acetate,in the office of a st.catharines booking agent for a company at the time called "IMAGE Artists".
Made my mind spin..i couldnt believe what i was hearing.. that these guys were THAT good,THAT original,THAT unique and sounded like NO one i'd ever heard before ( and by 16 i was already an extremely avid listener and collector of EVERYTHING that was available out there in music artists land).

No matter HOW many times in a day i'd play that album i never tired of it and hear something new each time.The sound AND the arrangements i remember are what stunned me the most ( particularly Danny Taylor's original and unique style of playing... i remember studying EVERY riff and lick till i got so i could play each track on the album flawlessly).

I ended up being a drummer professionaly for quite a number of years later on, even becoming a part of what was one of the "legendary toronto bands as well back then, Buckstone Hardware",and replacing Neil Peart in several local bands BEFORE this.

But to THIS day, i try to turn my brothers, my son ( who himself is a very FINE music artist as well these days) onto this virtually "unknown band" from the dark ages of what i considered always to be EARLY progressive rock.

I just wanted to drop a note to say how excellent and YEARS ahead of your time you guys were... and that its VERY cook that decades after the fact, some are being turned on to this one time masterpiece album that deserves MUCH recognition.

All the best.


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