Who can stop us now..

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Richard Maxwell

Who can stop us now..

Postby Richard Maxwell » Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:37 am

I just found this site and learned, with sadness, of Paul Naumann's passing. One of the highlights of my teenage years, and I know many other kids shared this, was to see and hear Paul rip the lakefront air with his sweet guitar voice during free concerts at the Canadian National Exhibition in 71-72. ( Sometimes I play Make Me Do at open mics here in Rochester, NY. and find a momentary hush afterwards.) Paul Naumann hit the pinnacle for any Canadian musician, and his body of work will inspire listeners for ages. Guitarists of the future will hear of, and seek out his magical contributions to the art. To experience the guitar solo in 'Make Me Do', live, at Foot's CNE ampitheater concerts, was to witness the transcendent spirit of a mostly teenage audience joined as one, being released into the night air of Toronto the Good, evoked, invoked, and bridged into ether by Paul's noble, true, and steady soul. He knew the place where physical is no more and pure energy dances on starlight, the place where music lives forever. ~ Richard Maxwell

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